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It’s difficult to stay up to date with the latest research in accounting education, so if we come across little gems in the journals we’ll share them here.

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Butler Rose Careers Evening: Navigating Your Path in Accounting

In a world where practical insights into professional pathways are invaluable, the Butler Rose Careers Evening at the University of Southampton offered a lighthouse of knowledge for those navigating the seas of accounting careers. This special event, brought to life through the collaboration of Butler Rose and several accounting professionals,…Read more

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Can you teach professional judgement?

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, Sir Andrew Likierman talked about how a better understanding of what makes good judgement helps students learn about it. Professor Sir Andrew Likierman has developed a framework to help professionals make better judgements and helped the FRC with their own 2022 Professional Judgement Guidance.  In this…Read more

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The transformative power of blending creativity with accounting education

Sondos Bannouri explains how blending creativity with education has sparked a small revolution in teaching accounting concepts at Tunis Business School. Teaching innovations with creativity At Tunis Business School (TBS), I’ve implemented creative techniques to enhance student learning experiences and encourage active participation. Recognising the impact that visual aids have…Read more

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A Journey from Campus to Career Insights

The ICAEW Southern Intra University Competition, sponsored by Mazars in collaboration with ICAEW, offers students from the University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, and Bournemouth University an opportunity to challenge their business acumen. Highlighting the path for future accountants, the ICAEW Southern Intra University Competition stands as a beacon of…Read more

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How to create meaningful collaborations between students and businesses

Webinar: Tuesday 30 April, 2024 12 noon (London). Explore the importance of collaborations between education providers, students, and external organisations. Join ICAEW and Accounting Cafe to discuss the art of creating meaningful collaborations between education providers, students, and external organisations in a triple-win relationship. Discover innovative ways to bring real-life…Read more

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Contribute to Accounting Cafe

Accounting Cafe needs help supporting its community. We seek an editor to oversee publishing articles, assist with event hosting, and help curate speaker programmes. Five good reasons to contribute to accounting education This is a voluntary position, but there are many non-financial benefits. What’s Accounting Cafe looking for? We are…Read more

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Excel assignments reimagined with auto-marking

Driven by a passion for enhancing educational tools and fostering global collaboration among accounting instructors, Prof. Sherif Elbarrad is creating a teaching platform for accounting instructors to provide affordable, high-quality tools that enrich learning experiences. Microsoft Excel and its equivalents are vital components of many post-secondary programs. However, grading spreadsheets…Read more

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Redefining accounting for tomorrow

On Tuesday, 16 April 2024, Professor Garry Carnegie presented “Redefining Accounting for Tomorrow”. In a thought-provoking webinar, he issued a wake-up call for accounting to re-examine its core purpose. He claims that accounting has become stuck in an outdated, narrow “technical mindset” that risks making it irrelevant, or even harmful,…Read more

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Because accountants are human too

Hannah Macdonald, ACA, founder of Accountancy Hub. Hannah Macdonald is a chartered accountant. She created Accountancy Hub during lockdown in December 2020 to bring together in one place support for accountancy trainees. Accountancy Hub really puts the trainee first and is a community offering support focused on wellbeing, careers and…Read more

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Hello ?

Who says accountants aren’t creative? We’ve got fascinating presentations lined up for the Accounting Cafe Pop-up Symposium. Our speakers come from Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Winchester, Exeter and London with a wide variety of initiatives and innovations. We meet at Hawkwell House, just outside Oxford, this Friday, 21 April 2023. It…Read more

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