Keeping you informed of developments in accounting education

It’s difficult to stay up to date with the latest research in accounting education, so if we come across little gems in the journals we’ll share them here.

A colour portrait of a white man in colourful spotted shirt, jacket and bright pale blue glasses. The background is black and with planet earth in the background and the title "redefining accounting for tomorrow"

Redefining accounting for tomorrow

Webinar: Tuesday 16 April, 2024 10am (London). How do you define accounting? Garry Carnegie has an aspiration for accounting to contribute to the betterment of society and the natural environment. The accountancy profession is a little unloved and undervalued. Struggling to demonstrate its relevance to society, it reels from one…Read more

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Because accountants are human too

Hannah Macdonald, ACA, founder of Accountancy Hub. Hannah Macdonald is a chartered accountant. She created Accountancy Hub during lockdown in December 2020 to bring together in one place support for accountancy trainees. Accountancy Hub really puts the trainee first and is a community offering support focused on wellbeing, careers and…Read more

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Hello ?

Who says accountants aren’t creative? We’ve got fascinating presentations lined up for the Accounting Cafe Pop-up Symposium. Our speakers come from Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Winchester, Exeter and London with a wide variety of initiatives and innovations. We meet at Hawkwell House, just outside Oxford, this Friday, 21 April 2023. It…Read more

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