Accounting Streams: open-access resources for a reimagined curriculum

Accounting Streams is a new project seeking help from a broad range of contributors to create a reimagined accounting curriculum.

Prof. Susan Smith invites contributions to the Accounting Streams project at Accounting Cafe’s Pop-up Symposium, January 2024

The Accounting Streams project seeks to reimagine accounting education for contemporary society by embracing the purpose of accounting and its economic, social, moral, and technical underpinnings. It embraces questions of accountability and sustainable economic development for the benefit of the reporting entity, its investors and all its stakeholders. 

Accounting Streams will embed an active learning pedagogy through a problem-based learning approach. It will link theory to the real world by drawing on datasets and simulations. In many cases, topics will lend themselves to a dialogic approach to teaching (as suggested by Gray 2013, Thompson and Bebbington 2004, Cam and Ballantine, 2023). It’s work will draw on the definition of accounting as a social and moral practice.  

‘A technical, social and moral practice concerned with the sustainable utilisation of resources and proper accountability to stakeholders to enable the flourishing of organisations, people and nature.’

(Carnegie, Parker & Tsahuridu, 2021)

The curriculum will embed the values of inclusivity and accessibility. It will develop students’ skills, competencies and aptitudes identified in the World Economics Forum Top Skills, 2020.

  • Historical and cultural awareness
  • Appreciation and empathy
  • Critical thinking
  • Critical analysis
  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Problem-solving
  • Technology
  • Ideation 

The project’s founders are seeking a broad range of contributors. Join the mailing list to hear more and for the opportunity to get involved.

Further reading and resources

Smith, S. and Murphy, R., 2024. How can accounting educators cultivate highly sought-after graduates? Times Higher Education. Available at: target (Accessed: 8 February 2024).


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