Colour Accounting

The Colour Accounting Learning System (CALS)

This is a proprietary learning system owned by Wealthvox, a commercial training company. Wealthvox provides materials and resources for academics under a Creative Commons licence.

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Teach accounting with confidence

On 7 December 2021, Colin Leith and Toby York hosted an introductory seminar to a free online course for Level 3 teachers called “Teach accounting with confidence”. Colin Leith is Economics, Business and Esports Subject Advisor at Pearson Education and Toby York is a chartered accountant, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex…Read more

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Bird's eye view of students using a Colour Accounting pop-up board.

Set up an Accounting Club in your local school

Set up an Accounting Club in your local school. It is such a hugely rewarding activity that positively impacts students. If you’re ready to introduce Accounting Club into your school and want to be an accredited Accounting Club Educator — an ACE — the information you need is in Accounting Clubs in Schools …Read more

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A concept map showing the five finacial statement elements and their relationships to each other

Why concept mapping is important

A version of this article was first published on LinkedIn on 30 July 2020. Concept maps are visual representations of information that show everything in a single view. They help students to create a clear mental model, which clarifies their thoughts and provides a shared language of understanding in a…Read more

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