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Mind the GAAP

Welcome to Mind the GAAP, a vibrant community that empowers and supports ambitious students on their career journey.

Like Accounting Cafe, Mind the GAAP is run entirely by its members without grants, sponsorship, advertising or institutional affiliations.

As academics, you play a crucial role in shaping the minds of the next generation of accountants and financial experts. Participating in Mind the GAAP allows you to share your valuable knowledge, experience, and insights with eager students hungry for guidance.

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Our aims and principles

Mind the GAAP is where educators in accounting can create and share their ideas for co-curricular activities. We are focussed on helping ambitious students bridge the gap between academia and the profession.

Mind the GAAP was founded by Richard Cartwright in 2023, spawning from his love of hosting co-curricular activities to encourage students in to the accounting profession. We are delighted to be supported by Accounting Cafe.

Our values

Mind the GAAP shares many values with Accounting Cafe and also runs on a shoestring and “not for loss” basis. We’re not seeking to make profit, but it would be nice to cover running costs at some point.

In the meantime, it’s free to access almost everything on the site and we actively encourage as many people as possible to actively contribute to the community.

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