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Our live online events are very popular attracting a broad range of educators from across the world. You are welcome to join at any time and although contributions are always welcome, you will not be expected to speak out or answer questions.

If you have an idea or project that you would like to share with the community, we can host a webinar for you. We’ll take care of the publicity, marketing and technical support. Read our Guidelines for Contributors and say

Most events are free and everybody is welcome.

Join us in conversation with Bruce Vivian, Head of Accountancy Education at IFAC. Bruce will share information on IFAC’s Sustainability Reporting Project and provide an opportunity for you to share your perspectives. IFAC is a global organisation seeking to enhance the relevance, reputation, and value of the global accountancy profession. It…Read more

Accounting Cafe members met in person near Oxford on Friday 21 April 2023, for its “Pop-up Symposium 2023” It was a delight to spend the day with enthusiastic, energetic, and creative accounting educators at Accounting Cafe’s Pop-up Symposium. Oxfordshire’s beautiful countryside helped, as did the inspiring and engaging content. Lightning…Read more

This event was organised by Rethinking Accountancy, part of the Rethinking Economics network. This was their first live seminar in February 2023. Professor Joan Ballantine, University of Ulster Joan Ballantine outlined a historical context of accounting degrees, explaining that as their number has expanded, they’ve been shaped by increased competition…Read more

An Accounting Cafe live drop-in session for teachers on 8 March 2023 at 4.30pm. Come along for a chat. We’ll help you to teach accounting with confidence. An informal 30-minute session. This is an opportunity to pop in for a chat with course hosts, Toby York and Colin Leith, during…Read more

As the roles of wisdom, tradition, community and faith diminish, inequality and plutocracy rise. Professor Atul Shah presents a new theory of inclusive and sustainable finance to encourage students to embrace sustainability ideals.

An Accounting Cafe live online seminar for teachers was held on 28 September 2022 This 30 minute session outlined an innovative educational approach to teaching the accounting elements of BTEC Business. During the session there was an opportunity to speak with the course leaders, Colin Leith and Toby York, and…Read more

An Accounting Cafe online seminar at 3pm on 16 September 2022 with a call to action for institutions to collaborate in their provision of employability opportunities and skills for accounting and finance students. Mind the GAAP has been a collaboration between Accounting and Finance students and staff at the University…Read more

This course is for you if you’re new to teaching accounting in higher education, or are perhaps considering a career move to accounting education. It’s designed to provide friendly support and to help you take the next steps in building your career, improve your teaching and engage your students. The…Read more

This Accounting Cafe online seminar on 25 March 2022 explored the future relationship between universities and the professional accounting bodies. Our guests argued that to protect the future of accounting education a new social partnership is necessary between universities and the professional accounting bodies. A significant problem is the current…Read more

Accounting Cafe online seminar on 17 February 2022 This Accounting Cafe seminar was hosted by Susan Smith, an innovative and prize-winning accounting educator, when she was Associate Dean at University of Sussex Business School. Here are 50 minutes of ideas and practical suggestions to help you to deliver innovative accounting…Read more

On 7 December 2021, Colin Leith and Toby York hosted an introductory seminar to a free online course for Level 3 teachers called “Teach accounting with confidence”. Colin Leith is Economics, Business and Esports Subject Advisor at Pearson Education and Toby York is a chartered accountant, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex…Read more

Accounting Cafe online seminar on 19 November 2021 Liz Marsland is a trailblazer in phenomenon-based learning. She unpacks the methods, the challenges and the benefits to students and teachers in using this multi-disciplinary approach that has wide application across subject areas and throughout educational levels. Elizabeth Marsland CPA SHEA, from…Read more

Accounting Cafe online seminar on 28 October 2021 The most generous estimates reckon 2/3 of the planet can’t answer some basic questions on finance, but plenty of that 1/3 have guessed their way to those answers with a bit of basic numeracy—the survey is multiple choice, so the planet is…Read more

Accounting Cafe online seminar on 23 September 2021 Hilary Lindsay contends that complete professionals are those who continue to learn in response to their environments. This requires more than professional knowledge and skills. It requires career adaptability. Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or coming to the end of…Read more

Todd believes that accounting is not only broken but is contributing to the destruction of the planet. He is calling on accounting academics to help fix this. 

Presentation by Toby York TACTYC Virtual Annual Conference on 15 May 2021 1. Background paper My presentation, in three parts, is based on a draft paper, The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education [PDF]. Part one: identifies some common problems with current accounting education practices, drawn chiefly from personal…Read more

Toby York and Paul Jennings hosted a Zoom seminar on 20 May 2021 This was the third seminar in a series about using concept maps in accounting education. Session 1: Concept mapping in accounting education Session 2: The funding butterfly This approach emphasises the organisational structure of accounting knowledge, which…Read more

Presentation by Toby York at the Games and Simulations in Accounting and Finance Education (‘GSAFE’) conference hosted by Aston University on 20 April 2021 The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education My presentation is based on a draft paper The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education, which is…Read more

Toby York and Paul Jennings hosted a Zoom seminar on 18 March 2021 Zoom cloud recording (34 minutes): Toby York demonstrates the “funding butterfly”, part of the Colour Accounting method, which he uses to introduce students to the accounting equation. Starts Content 00:00 Introduction 02:04 The BaSIS FrameworkTM 04:35 Where…Read more

Aston Business School’s virtual conference takes place on 20 April 2021 The GSAFE virtual conference explores games, simulations and playful learning in accounting and finance education. The themes cover pedagogical techniques in learning, teaching practice and research. Plenary presentations: Professor Jordi Carenys (EADA Business School) Matt Davies (Aston University) Susan…Read more

Toby York hosted a Zoom seminar on on 18 February 2021 Starts Content 00:00 Introduction 05:19 Module learning outcomes 06:60 The BaSIS Framework 10:45 Introducing accounting to students 14:27 Conversation 1: point of view 16:25 Conversation 2: the funding butterfly 27:32 Conversation 3: deriving profit 30:00 Materials and implementation 31:45…Read more