BDO Career Insights Evening: From Classroom to Career in Audit and Taxation

Aiming to bridge the gap between academic studies and professional life, the BDO Career Insights Evening served as a beacon for students aspiring to excel in the realms of audit and taxation. This event, hosted at the University of Southampton, offered a unique platform for students from diverse academic backgrounds to engage directly with seasoned professionals from BDO, one of the leading accounting and advisory firms.

An Evening of Discovery and Engagement on Campus:

The event unfolded with an interactive session led by BDO professionals who shared their personal career journeys, insights into the audit and taxation fields, and advice for students considering these career paths. The day was not just about sharing information; it was an opportunity for students to ask questions, seek guidance, and understand the practical aspects of working in a dynamic and challenging environment.

The BDO Southampton Session: Insights into Audit and Taxation:

As the evening progressed, students were treated to detailed presentations on the intricacies of audit and taxation, including current trends, challenges, and the skills required to succeed. The BDO team highlighted the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and ethical considerations in these roles. This session was designed not only to inform but also to inspire students by showcasing the impact and significance of these professions in the business world.

Networking and Beyond: Connecting with Professionals:

A highlight of the evening was the networking session, where students had the chance to interact one-on-one with BDO professionals. This provided an invaluable opportunity to build connections, discuss potential career paths, and gain insights into the recruitment process at BDO. The firm’s commitment to nurturing future talent was evident, with professionals eager to share knowledge and offer mentorship.

Preparation for the Professional World:

The evening exemplified the importance of preparing students for the complexities and opportunities in the professional world. By offering a glimpse into real-world scenarios, challenges, and the rewarding nature of careers in audit and taxation, the event empowered students to make informed decisions about their futures.

BDO’s Investment in Future Leaders:

Through its collaboration with the University of Southampton, BDO demonstrated its commitment to developing the next generation of professionals in audit and taxation. The firm’s willingness to engage with students, share expertise, and provide guidance reflects its dedication to fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


Essential Ingredients:

  • Keeping in touch with recent graduates as they progress in to practice and industry.
  • A good collaborative working space at each institution to host each heat (typically booked after timetabled hours).

Finishing touches:

  • Participation of the ICAEW or another professional body to provide credibility to the activity.
  • A sponsor to help facilitate each heat, perhaps host the final and award a prize.
  • Basic catering at the heats and the final.


An academic at each of the participating institutions volunteers for the ICAEW’s local district network ICAEW Southern in this case.  This helped us to connect and get buy in from the network to support the proposed event.

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