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Welcome to Accounting Cafe, a worldwide community for accounting educators and learners to find and share their best ideas.

Accounting Cafe is run entirely by its members without grants, sponsorship, advertising or institutional affiliations.

It focuses on education, providing articles, resources, lesson plans, seminars and workshops, and a place for discussion and debate.

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The transformative power of blending creativity with accounting education

Sondos Bannouri explains how blending creativity with education has sparked a small revolution in teaching accounting concepts at Tunis Business School. Teaching innovations with creativity At Tunis Business School (TBS), I’ve implemented creative techniques to enhance student learning experiences and encourage active participation. Recognising the impact that visual aids have…Read more

Redefining accounting for tomorrow

On Tuesday, 16 April 2024, Professor Garry Carnegie presented “Redefining Accounting for Tomorrow”. In a thought-provoking webinar, he issued a wake-up call for accounting to re-examine its core purpose. He claims that accounting has become stuck in an outdated, narrow “technical mindset” that risks making it irrelevant, or even harmful,…Read more

Accounting Streams: open-access resources for a reimagined curriculum

Accounting Streams is a new project seeking help from a broad range of contributors to create a reimagined accounting curriculum. The Accounting Streams project seeks to reimagine accounting education for contemporary society by embracing the purpose of accounting and its economic, social, moral, and technical underpinnings. It embraces questions of…Read more

Set up an Accounting Club in your local school

Set up an Accounting Club in your local school. It is such a hugely rewarding activity that positively impacts students. If you’re ready to introduce Accounting Club into your school and want to be an accredited Accounting Club Educator — an ACE — the information you need is in Accounting Clubs in Schools …Read more

What is Accounting Cafe?

Accounting Cafe is where accounting educators and learners from across the world find and share their best ideas. We focus on accounting education, providing articles, resources, lesson plans, seminars, workshops, and a place for discussion and debate.

Why should you join us?

We are a worldwide association of friendly and generous people with an enthusiasm for accounting education. You will be warmly welcomed into the community and given free access to teaching and learning resources.

Who is behind Accounting Cafe?

Accounting Cafe was founded by Toby York in 2021. It runs on a shoestring and “not for loss” basis. We’re not seeking to make profits but it would be nice to cover running costs at some point. In the meantime, it’s free to access almost everything on the site.

Latest updates

In a year where the accounting profession has often made headlines for the wrong reasons, the 2018 “Making Accounting Great Again” seminar served as a critical forum for addressing these challenges. Held at the University of Southampton, this event provided a platform for insightful reflection and future-oriented discussions led by…Read more

In a world where practical insights into professional pathways are invaluable, the Butler Rose Careers Evening at the University of Southampton offered a lighthouse of knowledge for those navigating the seas of accounting careers. This special event, brought to life through the collaboration of Butler Rose and several accounting professionals,…Read more

Aiming to bridge the gap between academic studies and professional life, the BDO Career Insights Evening served as a beacon for students aspiring to excel in the realms of audit and taxation. This event, hosted at the University of Southampton, offered a unique platform for students from diverse academic backgrounds…Read more

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, Sir Andrew Likierman talked about how a better understanding of what makes good judgement helps students learn about it. Professor Sir Andrew Likierman has developed a framework to help professionals make better judgements and helped the FRC with their own 2022 Professional Judgement Guidance.  In this…Read more

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A warm and welcoming group

I’m so grateful that I’ve found this group full of support and ideas. It is so warm and welcoming, and lovely seeing it grow.

Senior lecturer

Doing important work

Accounting Cafe provides a vital service and does very important work for accounting educators all over the world.

Accounting professor

Providing great resources

The courses are a great resource. They have helped me and my students. They’ve really facilitated their understanding.

School teacher