Articles and resources for school teachers

If you’re delivering A Level, BTEC Business or the T Level in Accounting, these articles and resources will help. We also have a series of free courses for teachers that assume no prior knowledge of accounting.

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Drop-in: 7 February 2024 at 4.30pm

An Accounting Cafe live drop-in session on 7 February 2024 at 4.30pm. Come along for a chat. We’ll help you to teach accounting with confidence. An informal 45-minute session. This is an opportunity to pop in for a chat with course host, Toby York, during which he will answer questions…Read more

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BTEC: Teach Accounting with Confidence

An Accounting Cafe live online seminar for teachers was held on 28 September 2022 This 30 minute session outlined an innovative educational approach to teaching the accounting elements of BTEC Business. During the session there was an opportunity to speak with the course leaders, Colin Leith and Toby York, and…Read more

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Accounting is not just bean-counting; it creates money

This is a brief introduction to the nature of money and its relationship with accounting. It explains how accounting creates money. This is a fun way to introduce accounting, making learners think differently about accounting. Accounting isn’t just about counting beans — it makes them too. It may be hard…Read more

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Teach accounting with confidence

On 7 December 2021, Colin Leith and Toby York hosted an introductory seminar to a free online course for Level 3 teachers called “Teach accounting with confidence”. Colin Leith is Economics, Business and Esports Subject Advisor at Pearson Education and Toby York is a chartered accountant, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex…Read more

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Top 5 most confusing things about accounting

At Accounting Cafe we’re discussing how we can clear up the confusing things about accounting. Terms that we take for granted are confusing for students. Make their learning journey faster and easier using these simple tips. Here are our top 5 most confusing things about accounting: 1. The most valuable…Read more

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Set up an Accounting Club in your local school

Set up an Accounting Club in your local school. It is such a hugely rewarding activity that positively impacts students. If you’re ready to introduce Accounting Club into your school and want to be an accredited Accounting Club Educator — an ACE — the information you need is in Accounting Clubs in Schools …Read more

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