Wisdom, tradition and faith in finance

Professor Atul Shah speaks about how finance is broken, in part because it has been divorced from culture. Part of the Accounting Cafe free online seminar series, recorded in October 2022.

Presentation: 19 minutes

We are living through a profound moral and cultural crisis, rising inequality and plutocracy. The roles of wisdom, tradition, community and faith have diminished.

Atul Shah claims that cultures and traditions carry within them hundreds of years of experience relevant to business and finance which are ignored in business schools and the professions. If only we allowed, they would add to our collective wisdom and make a significant contribution to the improvement of financial theory.

Instead of being a means to an end, finance has become an end in itself…finance and business leaders are incentivised to behave in unsustainable ways, often at the expense of nature, society and the soul.

Atul presents his new theory of sustainable finance which can be taught and shared all over the world. He provides a model that experts from different cultures and traditions can use to encourage their students to embrace sustainability ideals.

The work that lies ahead for educators “a silent duty” — work that intertwines culture and principle.

Discussion and questions

Introducing these ideas into the classroom (1)
Introducing these ideas into the classroom (2)
Making this relevant for students
Engaging policy makers
How to affect changes in culture
Escaping the money trap

Professor Atul Shah, PhD FCA

Atul Shah, an award-winning researcher, author and broadcaster hosts this free online seminar. He is a passionate educator and prominent voice on business ethics, education reform and diversity. He has taught at the London School of Economics, University of Bristol, University of Maryland, City University of London, Hult International Business School, Essex University, University of Suffolk and University of Kent.

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