Seminar: Concept mapping in accounting education

Toby York hosted a Zoom seminar on on 18 February 2021

This recording is hosted on Zoom cloud and is about 38 minutes.
You can download the presentation slides at the bottom of this page
05:19Module learning outcomes
06:60The BaSIS Framework
10:45Introducing accounting to students
14:27Conversation 1: point of view
16:25Conversation 2: the funding butterfly
27:32Conversation 3: deriving profit
30:00Materials and implementation
31:45An example of one of the 16 Classic transactions
35:15Concept map materials: free, licensed and in development

Teaching first-time accounting students has always been challenging. With remote learning it is even more so.

Toby York, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University Business School, believes that using a concept map makes it much easier. For three years he’s been using a concept map called the BaSIS Framework and the Color Accounting System.

“Significantly, a concept map understood clearly within a community of learners provides a solid reference point throughout the student’s learning journey. It provides “pointability” for teachers and students alike.”

Toby talks about how he integrated concept mapping and used Colour Accounting in his teaching.


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Presentation slides: PPTX | PDF

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