Butler Rose Careers Evening: Navigating Your Path in Accounting

In a world where practical insights into professional pathways are invaluable, the Butler Rose Careers Evening at the University of Southampton offered a lighthouse of knowledge for those navigating the seas of accounting careers. This special event, brought to life through the collaboration of Butler Rose and several accounting professionals, aimed to demystify the journey from education to employment in the fields of accountancy and finance.

An Evening of Insights and Inspiration:

The event commenced with an introduction by Simon Wicks, CEO of Butler Rose, who shared his extensive experience in accountancy and finance recruitment. His journey, spanning over two decades across prestigious recruitment firms and culminating in the founding of Butler Rose, set the stage for an evening of profound career reflections and advice.

Learning from the Experts:

As the evening unfolded, students were presented with an array of presentations by accounting professionals. These talks covered various facets of careers in accountancy, from the essentials of building a compelling CV to the nuances of succeeding in job interviews. One notable insight was the reminder that managers often spend less than 60 seconds reviewing a CV, highlighting the importance of conciseness and relevance.

The CV Workshop: A Tool for Success:

A focal point of the event was the CV workshop, emphasizing the critical role of a well-crafted CV in securing job opportunities. The discussions underscored common pitfalls to avoid, such as the use of clichés like “hardworking” and “honest,” and encouraged the inclusion of tangible achievements that demonstrate impact and initiative.

Interactive Sessions: Sharpening Your Edge:

Interactive sessions provided a platform for students to engage directly with the speakers, asking questions and seeking personalized advice. These interactions were instrumental in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering students a clearer understanding of what to expect in their future careers.

A Pathway to Professional Development:

The Butler Rose Careers Evening went beyond traditional career advice, touching on the significance of targeting one’s CV, the strategic approach to job interviews, and even the choice of font on a CV, humorously advising against the use of Comic Sans. These detailed insights equipped students with the tools to not only enter the accounting profession but to excel in it.

Butler Rose’s Commitment to Future Accountants:

The collaboration between Butler Rose and the University of Southampton signifies a shared commitment to preparing students for the complexities of the accounting profession. The event underscored the importance of early career planning, practical skill development, and continuous learning in achieving success.


Essential Ingredients:

  • Keeping in touch with recent graduates as they progress in to practice and industry.
  • A good collaborative working space at each institution to host each heat (typically booked after timetabled hours).

Finishing touches:

  • Participation of a recruitment consultant or another professional body to provide an extra dimension to the activity.
  • A sponsor to help facilitate each heat, perhaps host the final and award a prize.
  • Basic catering at the heats and the final.


An academic at each of the participating institutions volunteers for the ICAEW’s local district network ICAEW Southern in this case.  This helped us to connect and get buy in from the network to support the proposed event.

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