Concept maps in Accounting Education

Presentation by Toby York
at the TACTYC Virtual Annual Conference 2021 on 15 May 2021

1. Background paper

My presentation is based on a draft paper The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education [PDF] which is in three parts.

Part one: identifies some common problems with current accounting education practices, drawn mostly from personal and anecdotal experiences.

Part two: draws on literature in cognitive psychology and other disciplines. It offers 8 specific educational benefits of concept mapping in accounting education.

Part three: explains the layout and some of the functions of a specific concept map, the BaSIS FrameworkTM.

2. Using conversations and stories

I refer to conversations that we have with students before using the BaSIS FrameworkTM. These are the subject of a series that we are running on Accounting Cafe. Recordings of past webinars are available below.

An overview of Color Accounting

The funding butterfly

Deriving profit (20 May 2021: book a place)

3. Using the BaSIS Framework online

I refer to examples of using the concept framework in online learning systems. These examples use H5P, although it is possible to create similar examples using tools native to any learning management system, or in another open format such as SCORM.

Classic transactions

Embedded within an online lesson

Download paper [PDF]: The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education

Download presentation [PDF]: Concept mapping and playful learning through ‘Color Accounting’

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