Phenomenon-based learning

Accounting Cafe online seminar on 19 November 2021

Liz Marsland, Queensland University of Technology (45 mins)

Liz Marsland is a trailblazer in phenomenon-based learning. She unpacks the methods, the challenges and the benefits to students and teachers in using this multi-disciplinary approach that has wide application across subject areas and throughout educational levels.

Elizabeth Marsland, CPA SHEA from Queensland University of Technology is a renowned TEDx speaker on phenomenon-based learning. She is passionate about innovation in accounting education.

Liz’s presentation (PPTX)

Zoom recording (45 mins)

Jenni Rose, Alliance Manchester Business School (44 mins)

Jenni Rose shares her experiences of teaching accounting through the lens of climate change. She challenges students to think about how accounting should be changed for the future and how climate change accounting works with formative and summative assessment.

Jennifer Rose, FCA BFP PGCert SFHea CMBE, senior lecturer in accounting, is the 2020 recipient of Teacher of the Year in the University of Manchester Distinguished Achievement Awards.

Jenni’s presentation (PPTX)

Zoom recording (44 mins)


Recording (45 mins): Liz Marsland — Phenomenon-based learning

Recording (44 mins): Jenni Rose — Teaching accounting through the lens of climate change

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