A Journey from Campus to Career Insights

The ICAEW Southern Intra University Competition, sponsored by Mazars in collaboration with ICAEW, offers students from the University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, and Bournemouth University an opportunity to challenge their business acumen.

Highlighting the path for future accountants, the ICAEW Southern Intra University Competition stands as a beacon of opportunity and learning. Sponsored by Mazars, in collaboration with ICAEW, this competition has carved out an educational odyssey for students from the University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, and Bournemouth University. This initiative pushes the boundaries of students’ business understanding while unlocking doors to unparalleled experiences, climaxing in a unique work shadowing opportunity with Mazars for the triumphant team.

The Heats: A Crucible of Strategy and Skill on Campus:

The adventure kicked off with intense rivalry on each campus, where teams dove into strategic planning, financial analysis, and cooperative problem-solving. Endorsed by Mazars, the ICAEW Business Game challenged students to leverage their academic learning in a simulated real-world environment. These heats transcended mere competition; they became arenas for innovation, teamwork, and the practical application of theoretical knowledge to tackle real challenges.

The Mazars Southampton Final: A Convergence of Excellence:

Advancing to the next phase, the winning teams from each university gathered at Mazars’ Poole office for the ultimate contest. The air buzzed with anticipation as teams unfolded their strategies and solutions before a panel of esteemed judges from Mazars. The final was more than a test of skills; it was a celebration of academic brilliance, creativity, and resilience.

Victory and the Career Exploration Experience:

The winning team, having showcased extraordinary business insight, was awarded a work shadowing experience with Mazars. This prize extends beyond an ordinary reward; it represents a chance for students to observe and learn from professionals at Mazars, gaining insight into the significance of training and career development in the field of accountancy.

Learning Beyond the Classroom:

The ICAEW Business Game represents more than a competition; it’s an educational journey that transcends classroom boundaries. It offers students a rare chance to apply their theoretical knowledge to tangible business predicaments, preparing them for the complexities of the professional realm.

Mazars and ICAEW’s Dedication to Developing Talent:

The partnership between Mazars and ICAEW in sponsoring this competition underscores their commitment to nurturing the forthcoming generation of financial experts. By providing a stage for students to demonstrate their capabilities and rewarding them with a profound experiential learning opportunity, Mazars and ICAEW are investing in the future leaders of the accounting and business sectors.


Essential Ingredients:

  • Two or three ‘competitor’ institutions, ideally closely located to one another.
  • A good collaborative working space at each institution to host each heat (typically booked after timetabled hours).
  • A common case study to use at each heat. Typically, a well-known company from the region on whom the students answer several questions.
  • Time to provide feedback on the video submission from each student group.
  • A central location to host a final (a repeat of the heat, but with a new case study and the student groups from each University mixed together).

Finishing touches:

  • Participation of the ICAEW or another professional body to provide credibility to the activity.
  • A sponsor to help facilitate each heat, perhaps host the final and award a prize.
  • Basic catering at the heats and the final.


An academic at each of the participating institutions volunteers for the ICAEW’s local district network ICAEW Southern in this case. This helped us connect and get buy-in from the network to support the proposed event.

The Regional Director of the ICAEW very kindly connected us to potential sponsors for the event (Mazars this year, PWC next year) who were willing to host the final and provide a prize. Not all district networks have funds, but ICAEW Southern very kindly supported the catering expenses for the heats.

The heats were hosted on University premises in rooms suitable for group working. Students were set a number of tasks during the sessions and then asked to submit a short video presentation of their findings via YouTube. This was used to select the winning teams to go forward to the final. All other teams were provided feedback.

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