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Accounting Cafe needs help supporting its community. We seek an editor to oversee publishing articles, assist with event hosting, and help curate speaker programmes.

Join our friendly community of accounting education enthusiasts

Five good reasons to contribute to accounting education

This is a voluntary position, but there are many non-financial benefits.

  1. Your contribution demonstrates “scholarship output” and is evidence of external engagement. Many universities consider this in their promotion processes.
  2. This is an excellent way to start if you have not done much academic writing or editing.
  3. You will learn about practices within accounting from educators across the world.
  4. Editing helps you to develop your own outputs, such as conference presentations and journal articles.
  5. You have fantastic opportunities to find like-minded collaborators with shared interests and different perspectives.

What’s Accounting Cafe looking for?

We are seeking an editor to commission, review and process articles submitted by various practitioners and academics. The editor is not expected to write articles (although this is also welcomed). The role is commissioning and reviewing.

The editor will seek contributors and suggest to them topics of interest to our membership. The editor reviews contributor submissions and evaluates them against the Accounting Cafe guidelines. While Accounting Cafe takes its mission seriously, it has a light and friendly touch. As an editor, you will provide gentle and supportive guidance to contributors.

Accounting Cafe publishes articles related to pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional training in accounting. The focus is specifically on innovative and effective teaching practices. For example:

  • Teaching approaches
  • Lesson or course sequencing
  • Developing learning outcomes
  • Effective ways to explain principles and concepts
  • Ways to engage students
  • Methods of assessments
  • Assignments
  • In class activities

Is this you?

You are interested in accounting education and willing to contribute to the wider community. You are open-minded and enthusiastically support other educators’ ideas.

You can contribute approximately 4 hours each month and attend occasional online meetings.

You have an excellent command of natural, modern English and delight in conveying complex ideas elegantly and simply.

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