Seminar: Deriving profit using a concept map

Toby York and Paul Jennings hosted a Zoom seminar on 20 May 2021

This was the third seminar in a series about using concept maps in accounting education.

Session 1: Concept mapping in accounting education

Session 2: The funding butterfly

This approach emphasises the organisational structure of accounting knowledge, which makes it easier to teach and learn.

In this session we demonstrated how to introduce the concept of profit, using a conversation about its nature and relationship to equity within the accounting framework.


Presentation slides [4.0MB PDF]

Seminar recording [36 mins: Zoom Cloud]

Draft white paper [Concept mapping in accounting education]

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Author: Toby York

Toby York is a chartered accountant and senior lecturer in accounting and finance at Middlesex University. He is the founder of Accounting Cafe.

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