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Drop-in: 7 February 2024 at 4.30pm

An Accounting Cafe live drop-in session on 7 February 2024 at 4.30pm. Come along for a chat. We’ll help you to teach accounting with confidence. An informal 45-minute session. This is an opportunity to pop in for a chat with course host, Toby York, during which he will answer questions…Read more

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Can the profession meet the demand for sustainability reporting?

A webinar hosted by IFAAC and IAAER on 7 February 2024 launching a literature review, Educating Accountants for a Sustainable Future. It highlights key themes relevant to education, learning and development, and insights into how the profession can meet sustainability reporting demands. Educating accountants to advance sustainability With the increasing demand for…Read more

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Because accountants are human too

Hannah Macdonald, ACA, founder of Accountancy Hub. Hannah Macdonald is a chartered accountant. She created Accountancy Hub during lockdown in December 2020 to bring together in one place support for accountancy trainees. Accountancy Hub really puts the trainee first and is a community offering support focused on wellbeing, careers and…Read more

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