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Diagram showing a simple transaction cycle.

Using role play to teach accounting transaction cycles

How role play in accounting education creates an effective and engaging lesson about a topic that can feel very dry. This example uses a case study to explore the processes involved in simple transaction cycles. I introduced this activity in an Accounting Information Systems (AIS) course for first-year undergraduates studying…Read more

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Connecting the body with learning

Right after Christmas your body reminds you, uncomfortably, of all the extravagant dinners you’ve had. But have you thought about connecting the body with learning? Susan Hrach [pronounced ‘rock’] does so in her book ‘Minding Bodies’. [Ref. 1] She makes two claims. One, the body needs to be in a…Read more

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Photograph of a cup of tea and two biscuits

Drop-in for teachers: 8 March 2023 at 4.30pm

An Accounting Cafe live drop-in session for teachers on 8 March 2023 at 4.30pm. Come along for a chat. We’ll help you to teach accounting with confidence. An informal 30-minute session. This is an opportunity to pop in for a chat with course hosts, Toby York and Colin Leith, during…Read more

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