Explaining “qualitative characteristics” from the IFRS Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting

Helping students to understand, rather than just memorise, IFRS principles The IFRS Conceptual Framework underpins what international financial reporting standards say and why they identify a particular accounting treatment. Students must understand this if they are to understand wider IFRS principles. An important aspect of the Conceptual Framework is an attempt to define "high quality" information,… Continue reading Explaining “qualitative characteristics” from the IFRS Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting

Seminar: The funding butterfly

Toby York and Paul Jennings hosted a Zoom seminar on 18 March 2021 Zoom cloud recording (34 minutes): Toby York demonstrates the "funding butterfly", part of the Colour Accounting method, which he uses to introduce students to the accounting equation. StartsContent00:00Introduction02:04The BaSIS FrameworkTM04:35Where to start06:10Point of view: the pineapple conversation10:40The funding butterfly25:35The accounting equation Zoom… Continue reading Seminar: The funding butterfly

It’s time to dump the set text

Using H5P to create Colour Accounting interactive content

There’s no such thing as a “prepayment”

The battle to remove "prepayments" from accounting vocabulary is probably not winnable, but we can help our students by being clear about how we describe them.

Goodwill explained in three words

Goodwill represents those ‘unidentified flying assets’ that can't be individually identified. Goodwill is one of those slippery concepts that accounting students can find confusing.  Accounting for goodwill brings the student in front of a number of difficult questions and misconceptions in accounting, such as the nature of an asset and the different accounting treatment of… Continue reading Goodwill explained in three words

PowerPoint design rules for educators

With the risk of sounding like the gun lobby, there's nothing wrong with PowerPoint, only PowerPoint users. Like it or not, we're in the communications business and our audiences know what good comunication looks and sounds like. Here are my rules for slide design. It is not lesson planning software Use PowerPoint for its designed… Continue reading PowerPoint design rules for educators