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Students need to understand that accounting is political

You may not think that accounting is political or that accountants should meddle in economics and politics. After all, their job is to report objectively on the performance and condition of corporations. Faithful representation, as we know, requires neutrality. Corporations, however, are social inventions and financial reports are never passive…Read more

Dual coding in accounting education

Summary: A simple way to embrace dual coding in accounting education is to use a concept map. This “almost certainly” improves learning. Don’t reinvent the wheel: there’s a free one that you can adapt, copy and distribute. Give credit to its creators. This is the BaSIS Board. It combines words…Read more

Accounting during periods of general inflation

Historical cost accounting has its advantages but presents serious problems in periods of inflation. In Autumn 2022, the board in charge of the £100bn project to build HS2, the UK’s high speed railway, was criticised for using 2019 prices to report its current spending. This had the effect of reducing…Read more

Myths, monsters and curses in accounting education

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