Accounting Clubs in Schools

Become an ACE, an accredited Accounting Club Educator

What is Accounting Clubs in Schools?


Accounting Clubs in Schools is a programme that provides financial education as an enrichment activity for 16–18 year olds. It is hosted by Accounting Cafe, supported by volunteers, and uses the Colour Accounting Learning System under licence.

Financial education is an intervention to help people increase their knowledge and skills, build confidence and adopt attitudes that improve financial outcomes and well-being. It sits within a wider context of social, environmental and experiential influences on financial literacy.

Accounting Clubs in Schools adopts an ‘accounting literacy’ lens to deliver financial education. Accounting literacy is understanding financial information within business and personal finance contexts. It is distinct from the more general term, financial literacy, in that it focuses on fundamental concepts such as income, expenses, assets, liabilities and wealth (or equity). This provides the grounding and context for applied financial concepts such as payslips, student loans, credit cards, mortgages, and investment returns. More research is needed, but a tentative hypothesis is that being accounting literate enables students to approach novel financial concepts with greater confidence.

Accounting Clubs in Schools introduces accounting literacy to students as part of their extra-curricular activities. An Accounting Club has been delivered in a school in north London with great success. We now want to expand the pilot phase to more schools across the country before launching a wider programme in the academic year 2024/25.

The programme is delivered by Accounting Club Educators. These can be teachers within the school or college, accounting academics from a nearby university or other knowledgeable members of the community.

Step 1
Is it for you?

Becoming an Accounting Club Educator — an ACE — requires commitment and learning. Gather information and ask questions. Read the fact sheet and watch the video.

Step 2
Find a school

Skip this step if you want to become an ACE before finding a school. Otherwise, find a school or college willing to offer Accounting Club.

Step 3
Sign up for ACE

Select your preferred training dates by completing the online form ACE Training: Information and Dates. No payment is required.

Step 4
Register — £95

Once your training dates are confirmed, pay the registration fee of £95 to Accounting Cafe. Access all the learning resources and receive a Colour Accounting pack in the post.

Step 5
Become an ACE

Successfully complete ACE Training which includes three live 2-hour online sessions. You become an accredited ACE.

Step 6
Run the club

The school or college buys Colour Accounting packs for each participant directly from Wealthvox. These are £20 per pack plus postage and packing. You enjoy delivering the programme.

What can participants expect from Accounting Club?

Accounting Club runs as an enrichment or after-school weekly activity for a term. There are ten sessions of approximately 90 minutes each.

10 tiles with the titles of each workshop

The first three sessions are based on activities and conversations introducing participants to fundamental accounting concepts and their relationships.

Colour Accounting is an interactive and playful activity that provides an experience of “doing” accounting. Each participant is given their own Colour Accounting pack, which is theirs to keep.

After Colour Accounting, participants navigate a set of financial statements and we coach them in analysing reports meaningfully.

We then move on to personal finance and use fundamental accounting concepts to explore the notions of wealth and savings, among other things.

Resources, lesson plans and handouts are provided for each workshop.

The Colour Accounting Learning System

Colour Accounting is at the heart of the programme. The Colour Accounting Learning System is a proprietary learning tool owned by Wealthvox and used by Accounting Cafe under licence. Accounting Club Educators are trained to use these tools in a classroom setting as part of the accreditation process.

ACEs are provided with a Colour Accounting pack when they register for training. To deliver the Accounting Club programme, schools are expected to order Colour Accounting packs directly from Wealthvox. Information about doing this is provided to ACEs during the accreditation process.

Pack shots of the Colour Accounting Learning System components

Who can be an Accounting Club Educator?

Accounting Club Educators (ACEs) are people with some prior experience in accounting or business education who have been trained and accredited to deliver Accounting Clubs in Schools.

Some prior technical knowledge is required and ACEs must be able to speak enthusiastically and authoritatively about accounting. The technical content is commensurate with the financial elements of BTEC or A Level Business.

Initially, they are coming from Accounting Cafe’s community of university lecturers, school teachers and commercial trainers. Accounting Cafe provides training, support and accreditation.

We expect a mix of people delivering Accounting Clubs in Schools: accounting academics, school teachers, and commercial trainers. In fact, anybody with some business experience and financial acumen is capable of delivering the programme after being trained.

The benefits of becoming an Accounting Club Educator

Being an ACE is a way of using your experience and skills in a way that has a positive impact on young people and the local community.

You will improve your teaching practice by applying it in new contexts and using different resources and materials.

Being an ACE will deepen your understanding of the relationship between accounting, financial literacy, personal finance and well-being.

For university staff, Accounting Clubs in Schools forms part of your scholarship output, knowledge exchange and demonstrates impact. This is evidence for promotion and institutional teaching and learning qualifications. You can also use your contribution as evidence when applying for external accreditations and funding.

For teachers within schools, it is a way of developing your practice, and provides evidence of continuing professional development.

What are the responsibilities of an Accounting Club Educator?

ACEs make contact with schools and are responsible for developing a relationship with the teaching staff and leadership team. ACEs can approach schools directly using their personal contacts, parent networks and links to governing bodies. ACEs who are employed by a university might also coordinate with their university outreach teams.

Many schools host showcase events to help students choose an appropriate enrichment programme. ACEs may be asked to support this by attending and presenting the benefits of Accounting Club. Accounting Cafe provides communication material for recruitment events that ACEs and teachers can use in schools.

ACEs deliver the programme in schools in a series of weekly 90-minute workshops over 10 weeks within a single term. This requires a commitment to be in a school for approximately two hours per week. Some flexibility may be required for school activities such as career days and external trips, and there will be a half-term break.

ACEs take responsibility for complying with the school’s policies at all times. These are usually available on request and may be published on the school’s website.

What if you don’t have the time for this?

Understandably, you may not have the capacity to do this in your spare time.

School teachers may be able to negotiate time to do this as part of their normal contractual duties. University staff, similarly, can ask their line managers for community or school outreach hours.

If your organisation is unable to allocate contracted hours, perhaps suggest the benefits of Employer-supported volunteering (ESV).

What is required from participating schools?

Accounting Club is designed for delivery within a school’s enrichment programme of extra-curricular activities. If the school wishes to offer Accounting Club in a different context, for example, an Enterprise Day, this must be discussed with Accounting Cafe beforehand.

The programme’s success relies on the energetic support of school staff and recruiting enough students to Accounting Club to make it viable. This is the school’s responsibility but may require the support of the ACE. There is a risk that the school wishes to offer Accounting Club but not enough students select it as an option.

The school is responsible for ordering “Let’s Talk Finance” packs so that each participant has one at the start of the programme. Packs are supplied by Wealthvox, the owner of the Colour Accounting Learning System.

Wealthvox only supplies packs to licensed distributors. A member of the school’s staff must register the school on the Accounting Cafe website in order to activate the distribution licence.

The school is responsible for supervising the ACE, classroom management, pupil behaviour and safeguarding.

A member of the school’s staff is expected to be present for the duration of the workshops, so a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) is not usually required. The school must arrange a DBS for the ACE if its policies require it. The ACE should check with the school early in the relationship as this can take a few weeks to complete.

The school’s insurance policies must cover all risks associated with the delivery of the programme.

Cost of training and accrediting ACEs — £95

Six hours of training is provided in three two-hour sessions delivered online. The “Let’s Talk Finance” pack is sent by post to delegates in advance of the sessions and additional resources are available on the Accounting Cafe website.

During this pilot phase, the cost of training is £95. Of this, £30 goes to Wealthvox to cover pack costs and shipping, and £65 to Accounting Cafe to cover training, materials and administration. All costs and fees are paid to Accounting Cafe on registration and are non-refundable.

University staff may be able to recover the cost from their departmental staff development, community outreach or marketing budgets.

Similarly, school teachers may be able to access enrichment and staff development budgets.

Cost of programme delivery — approximately £20 per pupil

Each participant in Accounting Club requires their own “Colour Accounting” pack. These are supplied by Wealthvox in boxes of 10 packs. The cost of a box of 10 packs is £200, plus postage, packing and VAT. The unit cost of each pack is, therefore, approximately £20. Most schools are able to reclaim the VAT element.

Schools order boxes directly from the Wealthvox website. Wealthvox only supplies boxes to licensed distributors. When a school has agreed to run Accounting Club, the contact teacher must register the school on the Accounting Cafe website.

If the programme is sponsored or financed by a third party, the ACE may place the order and recover funds, although this arrangement may give rise to irrecoverable VAT.

Dates for training

Access to training is restricted to delegates who have paid the course fees. Both courses cover the same learning outcomes.

October 2023
Evenings daily from 5.15pm to 7.15pm

Day 1 — Tuesday 10 October
Day 2 — Wednesday 11 October
Day 3 — Thursday 10 October

November 2023
Evenings daily from 5.15pm to 7.15pm

Day 1 — Tuesday 14 November
Day 2 — Wednesday 15 November
Day 3 — Thursday 16 November

It is better to be trained on three consecutive days, but if you cannot attend a particular session, you may attend a later day of training in the alternative session. You cannot attend an earlier day of training in a later session. Overall you must complete each of the three days of training.

Other resources

Glossary of terms

Accounting Cafe

Accounting Cafe is a community of accounting academics sharing good practice in accounting education. Accounting Cafe provides accreditation and support for the Accounting Club in Schools programme. It is a company registered in England and limited by guarantee.

Accounting Club Educator — ACE

An Accounting Club Educator (ACE) is a person who has successfully completed ACE Training and been accredited to deliver Accounting Clubs in Schools.

Accounting Clubs in Schools

Accounting Clubs in Schools is a programme that provides financial education as an enrichment activity for 16–18 year olds. It is hosted by Accounting Cafe, supported by volunteers, and uses the Colour Accounting Learning System under licence.

ACE Training

ACE Training consists of three 2-hour online sessions. These are live and run over three consecutive days. ACE Training is supported by online resources, which you can access for as long as you continue to deliver Accounting Clubs in Schools.

Colour Accounting

The Colour Accounting Learning System is a proprietary learning tool owned by Wealthvox and used by Accounting Cafe under licence. Accounting Club Educators are trained to use these tools in a classroom setting as part of the accreditation process. Part of the system is a physical “Colour Accounting” pack (sometimes referred to as a “Let’s Talk Finance” pack).


Wealthvox is a commercial learning and development company. It owns and licenses the intellectual property relating to Colour Accounting. Schools order “Colour Accounting” packs directly from Wealthvox. If you successfully complete ACE Training, Wealthvox awards you a Level 1 Colour Accounting accreditation.