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Contribute to Accounting Cafe

Accounting Cafe needs help supporting its community. We seek an editor to oversee publishing articles, assist with event hosting, and help curate speaker programmes. Five good reasons to contribute to accounting education This is a voluntary position, but there are many non-financial benefits. What’s Accounting Cafe looking for? We are…Read more

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Exit your comfort zone: five tips for new Programme Managers

Dr Neil Dunne shares five tips for prospective or new programme managers within academia. Every university differs, but Neil’s advice is transferrable across institutional and geographical boundaries. Introduction: a sudden jolt Picture the scene: you’ve just completed your first year of teaching at a great university. It was tough. But…Read more

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How to Develop a Pitch Deck for Sustainable Green Impact Investment

Using research models and findings from Middlesex University GreenFin Research Cluster, Robyn Owen created a learning activity for postgraduate students studying entrepreneurial finance. This activity requires students to demonstrate their understanding of the challenges and opportunities of seeking sustainable investment funding. They do this by creating a pitch deck. Presenting…Read more

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Excel assignments reimagined with auto-marking

Driven by a passion for enhancing educational tools and fostering global collaboration among accounting instructors, Prof. Sherif Elbarrad is creating a teaching platform for accounting instructors to provide affordable, high-quality tools that enrich learning experiences. Microsoft Excel and its equivalents are vital components of many post-secondary programs. However, grading spreadsheets…Read more

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