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Teaching Business in schools is tricky. The accounting requirements are broad in scope, technical in detail, and the learning specifications are daunting, if not overwhelming.

If that wasn’t enough, accounting uses common language in uncommon ways. And, as everybody knows, accounting is dull.

All of these things are true. Except accounting is not boring – it’s beautiful and exciting.

Welcome to Accounting Cafe, where you’ll find articles, courses and ideas for accounting lessons in schools. Everything is written by accounting and business subject experts.

Our resources work in many settings, although they focus on UK education. Specifically, Level 3 Business, BTEC, A Level and T Level.

We provide free courses, articles, resources, lesson plans, seminars and workshops, and a community for discussion and debate.

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Top 5 most confusing things about accounting

At Accounting Cafe we’re discussing how we can clear up the confusing things about accounting. Terms that we take for granted are confusing for students. Make their learning journey faster and easier using these simple tips. Here are our top 5 most confusing things about accounting: 1. The most valuable…Read more

Accounting is not just bean-counting; it creates money

This is a brief introduction to the nature of money and its relationship with accounting. It explains how accounting creates money. This is a fun way to introduce accounting, making learners think differently about accounting. Accounting isn’t just about counting beans — it makes them too. It may be hard…Read more

Concept maps in accounting education

Presentation by Toby York TACTYC Virtual Annual Conference on 15 May 2021 1. Background paper My presentation, in three parts, is based on a draft paper, The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education [PDF]. Part one: identifies some common problems with current accounting education practices, drawn chiefly from personal…Read more

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Fundamentals of Accounting (Level 3)

A Level: Teach accounting with confidence

BTEC: Teach accounting with confidence

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A warm and welcoming group

I’m so grateful that I’ve found this group full of support and ideas. It is so warm and welcoming, and lovely seeing it grow.

Senior lecturer

Doing important work

Accounting Cafe provides a vital service and does very important work for accounting educators all over the world.

Accounting professor

Providing great resources

The courses are a great resource. They have helped me and my students. They’ve really facilitated their understanding.

School teacher

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