Working capital is widely misunderstood

Working capital is a widely used but often misunderstood term. To teach it well, the term needs careful scrutiny. The problem starts, as it usually does, with language. “Working” isn’t helpful—we don’t have non-working capital, but working capital suggests that it works and the rest of capital doesn’t. “Capital” is ambiguous and slippery—if you hear… Continue reading Working capital is widely misunderstood

Top 5 most confusing things about accounting

At Accounting Cafe we’re discussing how we help our students ❤️ accounting. Accounting terms that we take for granted are confusing for students. Thinking about this in your teaching can make their learning journey that much faster and easier.Here are my top 5 most confusing things about accounting:⁉️ An entity's most valuable assets are rarely… Continue reading Top 5 most confusing things about accounting

The nature of income

Dictionaries, from an accounting perspective, invariably provide an incorrect and conflated definition of income.

The nature of assets

Photo by Krisztina Papp on UnsplashA retailer has recognisable rights to its retail units even though it does not own the shopping centre. The elements of financial statements are the building blocks of financial statements. If your students understand what the elements are then they have a good basis for understanding how events are reported… Continue reading The nature of assets


Paul Jennings gives some tips on how to explain the nature of depreciation.

With your help Accounting Cafe can be active in your local school

This is a hugely rewarding activity that can be rolled out easily. Accounting Cafe in schools, anyone? I have been running an “accounting club” for a group of sixth formers at my local community school for a couple of years (lately interrupted by lockdown). It sounds unlikely, but students gave it a 96% approval rating… Continue reading With your help Accounting Cafe can be active in your local school

Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance is making the news for all the wrong reasons. Although it is a centuries old form of finance, it has played a part in the demise of Abengoa, NMC, Carillion and most recently, Greensill. Here is a simple slide that explains the basic concepts behind factoring and supply chain finance. Download a… Continue reading Supply chain finance