Seminar: Accountants can change the world

Accounting Cafe hosts a Zoom seminar at 3pm on 8 July 2021 with guest speaker Dr Todd Sayre The Accounting Cafe seminar series continues with guest speaker, Dr Todd Sayre, Certified Public Accountant. Todd’s research interests are concerned with financial accounting in the context of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. He is Associate Professor at the University … Continue reading “Seminar: Accountants can change the world”

Concept mapping and playful learning through ‘Colour Accounting’

Presentation by Toby York at the Games and Simulations in Accounting and Finance Education (‘GSAFE’) conference hosted by Aston University on 20 April 2021 The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education My presentation is based on a draft paper The benefits of concept mapping in accounting education, which is in three parts. Part one: … Continue reading “Concept mapping and playful learning through ‘Colour Accounting’”

Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance is making the news for all the wrong reasons. Although it is a centuries old form of finance, it has played a part in the demise of Abengoa, NMC, Carillion and most recently, Greensill. Here is a simple slide that explains the basic concepts behind factoring and supply chain finance. Download a … Continue reading “Supply chain finance”