Test – Personal Finance

Personal finance

BTEC Business Unit 3 — Topic 9: Personal finance

Estimated time to complete: 60 minutes

Preparation for this topic

We asssume that you’re familiar with the content of previous topics and strongly recommend that you follow the sequence used in this course in your teaching. Using these resources requires that your students have already been taught Business Finance using the Colour Accounting Learning System.

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Topic outline and resources

The resources for this topic will support six lessons.

1.Introduction to personal finance
2.The power of compounding
3.Different ways to borrow
4.Different ways to save and invest
6.Insurance policies

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Lesson 1: Introducing personal finance

Lesson 2: The power of compounding

Lesson 3: Different ways to borrow

Lesson 4: Different ways to save and invest

Lesson 5: Pensions

Lesson 6: Insurance policies