Teach Accounting with Confidence: drop-in for teachers

An Accounting Cafe live drop-in session for teachers on 11 January 2023 at 4pm. Come along for a chat. We’ll help you to teach accounting with confidence.

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This 30-minute session is an opportunity to pop in for a chat about the Teach Accounting with Confidence courses and materials. If you’ve used the materials or not, whether you’ve tried out the courses or not, please come along to talk to us and meet with other teachers.

Level 3: Fundamentals of accounting is a short online course teachers of Level 3. It takes approximately 2 hours and explains the principles of the Colour Accounting Learning System which we use thoughout our other courses. This is a self-directed (pre-recorded) course so you can access it whenever and wherever you are.

BTEC: Teach accounting with confidence is delivered over nine topics and provides detailed lesson plans, guidance and resources to support the delivery of the accounting requirements of BTEC Business. Each topic includes recordings, teaching notes, presentation slides and class handouts for multiple lessons. This is a recorded course that you can access whenever and wherever you are.

Your hosts and course leaders are:

Colin Leith, Economics, Business and Esports Subject Advisor at Pearson Education

Toby York, chartered accountant, senior lecturer at Middlesex University and founder of AccountingCafe.org. 

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