With your help Accounting Cafe can be active in your local school

This is a hugely rewarding activity that can be rolled out easily.

Accounting Cafe in schools, anyone?

I have been running an “accounting club” for a group of sixth formers at my local community school for a couple of years (lately interrupted by lockdown).

It sounds unlikely, but students gave it a 96% approval rating and the department head told me that it was one of the best attended enrichment activities in the school. After completing the course participants said that they not only had a better understanding of accounting but realised how important it was as a foundation for their financial literacy.

I can’t take all of the credit as I simply re-purposed materials from the Colour Accounting catalogue and threw in some additional activities, but I can say that it is a hugely rewarding experience and one that I would strongly recommend.

This was designed for delivery over 10 weekly sessions of about 60–90 minutes. This fits nicely within a school term allowing for a couple of weeks that are usually lost to other commitments and activities.

It can easily be adapted to fit other patterns, for example “Enterprise Day” or even embedded within the “Young Enterprise” scheme that many schools offer.

Accounting Cafe is able to support this in other schools. If you are willing to give it a go, there’s a pack of resources and lesson plans. I’m also offering free, live online training.

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