Seminar: Accountants can change the world

Accounting Cafe hosts a Zoom seminar at 3pm on 8 July 2021 with guest speaker Dr Todd Sayre

Dr Todd Sayre
Image: University of San Francisco

The Accounting Cafe seminar series continues with guest speaker, Dr Todd Sayre, Certified Public Accountant.

Todd’s research interests are concerned with financial accounting in the context of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.

He is Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco.

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Todd believes that accounting is not only broken but is contributing to the destruction of the planet. He is calling on accounting academics to help fix this. 

In this seminar he gives a broad sweep of the history of corporations from the East India Company to the modern day questioning current accounting orthodoxies along the way. Entity theory, the role of shareholders and the rightful claimants of retained earnings come under ferocious scrutiny.

This promises to be a provocative, fascinating and entertaining session that will challenge how you think about accounting and accountants.

There will be opportunity for questions and for you to share your views.

Seminar recording available after the seminar

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