What we do

Accounting Cafe is a community of educators and learners who are passionate about accounting education.

We believe that teaching and learning accounting can be an engaging and enjoyable experience, so we are building a community to enable students and teachers to learn from each other. Our aims are to:

  • Share, discuss and develop the best ways to explain accounting concepts with each other, and the wider world.
  • Provide practical advice, guidance and resources to teachers and learners.
  • Demonstrate to students that the accounting profession offers many exciting and varied opportunities, both locally and internationally.
  • Explore the dynamic and evolving nature and purpose of accounting.
  • Contribute to the global conversation about accounting.

These are the commuity principles:

  • Join in a spirit of generosity and willingness to share. If you take something, please also give something back.
  • Credit Accounting Cafe when you use its materials. This recognises its value and helps to spread the word.
  • Do not seek to profit from these materials. They are free to use in educational settings for public benefit. If you would like to use them in any other way, please get permission first.

Resources are being added all the time. If you have questions or materials to contribute, please use the discussion boards.

Articles is a good place to get started, or post a comment below with your feedback and suggestions.

If you are willing to contribute articles, materials or advice, please get in touch.

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